About Us


Derived from the Malay word “KECIK” which means small, to depict the physical nature of children. The word is also often associated with cuteness, and simplicity.


The idea of Kecheek came about from the simple need of a mother to dress up her son in stylish clothes. After being repeatedly disappointed by lack of choice in styles and quality for boys wear, she decided to fulfill this growing gap in the market and start acknowledging that Boys too, can be fashionable.

Kecheek offers stylish and comfortable apparels exclusively for little men. 

We believe that children are a direct representation of their parents, thus our apparels are designed and manufactured with attention to details, as well as having the young and fashion forward parents in mind, without compromising the importance of comfort in each material chosen. 

Kecheek aims to constantly introduce new and fresh looks for little men. 

Kecheek aims to not merely sell a product, but the style and recognition that come along with the whole look. 

Kecheek’s goal is to be an internationally recognized brand associated with style and comfort.